Amberwolf gratitude thread

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Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by neptronix » Oct 13 2016 7:28am

As some of you may know, amberwolf recently resigned as a moderator.
Amberwolf gave us many years of service here on ES and primarily kept our spam problem at bay like a damn boss, without asking for anything in return. He is probably singlehandedly responsible for 75% of the moderation here, actually.

Amberwolf, i would personally like to thank you for your service right now.
To anyone else, please say thanks here.
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by Ykick » Oct 13 2016 7:34am

Good man and his "service" will be severely missed.

Thank you amberwolf...
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by spinningmagnets » Oct 13 2016 7:40am

I've been working nights recently, and that's frequently when spam gets loaded onto ES. By the time most people in North America wake up and might check to see what's new? Mike has nuked a lot of spam, just about every day.

I've tried to help with nuking spam, so Michael is free to do other things for ES that he is good at, have to be pretty fast on the button to beat him to it.

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by jonescg » Oct 13 2016 7:43am

Enjoy the break Mike! Moderating a forum on the internet must be like painting over graffiti-filled wall in Harlem.

Thanks for your efforts, mate. They definitely haven't gone unnoticed. :mrgreen:

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by Kodin » Oct 13 2016 8:15am

Thank you for your efforts. This forum has been a great resource and one of the best aspects was that I didn't see any spam and very few off topic postings. I hope you have something satisfying planned for all that extra time you'll have now. Take care.
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by DAND214 » Oct 13 2016 8:20am

Ykick wrote:Good man and his "service" will be severely missed.

Thank you amberwolf...
I agree.
Thanks for all the fine work you have GIVEN!


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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by teklektik » Oct 13 2016 8:28am

Moderating is a one of those thankless and often invisible jobs that makes things work.

Many thanks for the years of selfless service and keeping things working.

Hope you find your way back after some much-deserved down time. :)
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by footloose » Oct 13 2016 8:33am

Amberwolf, thank you.
Even though I would not recognize you if we walked past each other on the street, I've come to know you as a kind and creative person, active recycler, mechanical whiz and a guy who loves dogs. Plus you give an exceptional amount to this forum. Thank you again.

Same to each of the other moderators: thank you.

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by jpgey » Oct 13 2016 8:40am

Yes Amberwolf, you still serve as a source of inspiration for me !

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by mlt34 » Oct 13 2016 8:50am

A sincere thanks to Amberwolf for all of his hardwork over many years making and keeping this forum a safe, comfortable and most of all educational resource free of annoying spam. Nearly all of us have benefited from this forum more than we've given back to it, but Amberwolf is one of the one's with a real net positive. That kind of dedication does not go unnoticed and will not go unmissed either.
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TheBeastie   1 MW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by TheBeastie » Oct 13 2016 9:18am

Thanks Amberwolf for your efforts.
I still haven't forgotten that time you cleaned up that insane lawsuit threat attack on me. :wink:


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gammaray   10 W

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by gammaray » Oct 13 2016 9:50am

Thanks Amberwolf.
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by dingoEsride » Oct 13 2016 9:50am

Amberwolf has always been around to lend a helping hand, thanks for all the taken advise and don't let a couple of brattish kids get the better of you, have a well deserved rest
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dozentrio   10 kW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by dozentrio » Oct 13 2016 9:54am

I haven't really been active in ages, but I know the name Amberwolf and anyone who volunteers their time like this has my respect and gratitude. Sorry to see you go!

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Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by drew12345 » Oct 13 2016 10:14am

Thanks for doing a job you don't get paid for and making this a better forum and helping the future of ebikes. And to rest of moderators, thank you also.

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karma   10 kW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by karma » Oct 13 2016 10:43am

last time i posted here his house burned down. sad to see you go. thanks :wink:

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by Zerox » Oct 13 2016 11:10am

I,ve Followed this forum for years w/o ever posting .....but wanted to join in to THANK YOU for all of your time spent keeping ES a superior recorce and enjoyment refuge......spend some time with the pups, again thank you

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The fingers   100 GW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by The fingers » Oct 13 2016 11:15am

Thanks AW for your tireless dedication and hard work, was wondering why your username looked different. :wink:
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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by cal3thousand » Oct 13 2016 11:25am

I've been on ES for some years now and the more I learned about the site, the more I realized the work involved with keeping this a great place. I greatly appreciate AW's efforts. Even through the toughest of personal times, he's always shown grace and strong work ethic.

My hat's off to AmberWolf. I hope someone(s) can fill his shoes and that he still hangs out here.
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veloman   1 GW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by veloman » Oct 13 2016 11:31am

Thank you AW. You have some of the most thorough and helpful posts on the forum. Your service will not be forgotten and the value you added here was significant.
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nutnspecial   1.21 GW

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by nutnspecial » Oct 13 2016 11:59am

+1 to all of the above.

Thanks for the forum and all the time and effort that goes into it, Admin, Mods, and Members!!

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by thepronghorn » Oct 13 2016 12:15pm

Thanks for all the hard work Amberwolf! Your years of service to the forum are much appreciated.

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by JohnT818 » Oct 13 2016 1:05pm

I imagine being a moderator is a lot like being a cop, where you spend your days dealing with not only bad people, but good people when they're at their worst. Thank you, Amberwolf, for all you've done over the years to help make ES a better place.

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by robohead » Oct 13 2016 1:10pm

Thank you for the years of service. It's understandable that you need a break from doing community work. Ride ON

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Re: Amberwolf gratitude thread

Post by Dauntless » Oct 13 2016 1:19pm

Yeah, looks like Amberwolf gets to complain about the moderating now. And he gets to gripe right back at people. And he gets to use his superior knowledge of the ES culture when someone thinks they're backing him into a corner. Sayshell, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Ah well, we don't really lose him, except of course there's other moderators whose life just got more hectic. But this is a great forum with a little too much allowed to go on, because too much is never enough. Amberwolf has been such a big part of making that possible.

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