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Will California END Recycling?

Posted: Sep 06 2017 12:54am
by Dauntless
So if you're the State Government of California, if you want to pocket as much as $600 million that isn't yours, where to you steal it from? How about by putting an end to recycling?

I wish I could get better numbers, but they haven't popped up for me yet. But in 2016 there were over 8.1 Billion beverage containers sold with a 5 to 10 cent CRV charged. Depending in the count of each, I'm guessing there's some $600 to $700 million dollars being forwarded to Sacramento. When only 7.3 million containers were turned in, the State was left with an unclaimed $100 million, which they have fun with. But wouldn't it be even MORE fun to just not pay the other $500-$600 million for the redemption?

Sacramento sure thinks so. I wish I could find a clearing house for the reliable information on this, but my understanding is that they've slowed way down on paying the CRV, which the recycling center has to pay to the customer then collect from the State. I do know one local Mom and Pops recycler was put out of business because the State wasn't repaying the CRV. The money from selling the materials is negligible compared to the CRV, 1/3rd of our centers have been closed and the remaining businesses are collapsing. The net result will be that all these recyclable materials, which currently go into the linings of jackets and sleeping bags if it's a water bottle marked 1, the containers of motor oil if it's a milk jug marked 2, etc., will wind up in landfills and the State of California will expect to go on collecting the CRV even after they've ended the recycling.

So after 5 years of cutting at least 15% of public school budgets (They'd cut more in the 3 years that followed) the State of California decided to go after the most reliable funding the public schools had: The Lottery money, which State Law required be spent on education and Sacramento couldn't change that because it was by a ballot initiative. Ah, but if they could get us to vote for a ballot initiative. . . .

Damn, that asshole they put on the road to promote it. It was like comedy, yet they were SERIOUS with that creep, so giddy talking about they won't have to spend money on schools anymore if they want to spend it on something else. Boy, I can picture how shocked Arnold and company were when 85% voted against it. Of course they just went back to cutting it where they COULD cut it. And threatened MORE cuts if we didn't vote for the next initiative to raise taxes. This was Jerry Brown doing the threatening. California's state government is about as bad as it gets in recent years, yet the clowns keep voting for these jerks.

We really need a way for the politicians to simply HAVE TO take the pounding when they're caught doing this. But will the same fools who voted for that stupid bag law last year bother with something that actually does some good as the CRV does? Doesn't sound like the California voters that we've been seeing in recent years.

Re: Will California END Recycling?

Posted: Sep 06 2017 3:00am
by Chalo
Who knew? Government characters acting like, y'know, business owners or capitalists. It's as if egoists and greedy bastards are somehow the same, even if they have different jobs.

Re: Will California END Recycling?

Posted: Sep 06 2017 3:21am
by Dauntless
Well, it's good to see you're comfortable with the whole thing. Seeing how upset you get over nothing, I was greatly concerned at how you might react to something real. But I can see you'll be just fine.

Re: Will California END Recycling?

Posted: Sep 06 2017 6:22am
by dogman dan
Just a few days float on that kind of money is big bucks. Float it 6 months, even more. Sorry mom and pop, we're going to invest the money we owe you a few months, then pay you.

Re: Will California END Recycling?

Posted: Sep 12 2017 12:47am
by deronmoped
The whole recycling thing is a crock of ----, they have people convinced that spending a year of their lives sorting trash will save the planet.