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Re: Dumpster Delinquent

Posted: Oct 20 2019 2:44pm
by nutnspecial
Lol, pot calling the kettle

Been gettin like 100$ of stuff a week average either food or stuff to resell. Last night 10 organic eggs blackforest ham choc cookie dough watermelon apple juice cinnabuns and 55$ of fresh trout and salmon. Haven't bothered with pics.

Oh yeah, got 900$ of specialty duck lamb grain free etc dog food this month. I don't have a dog.

Also, I keep seeing one dumpster FULL of fresh milk prob 40 gallons. Next time I'm grabbing it all and I want to say I took a chocolate milk bath once in my life.

Re: Dumpster Delinquent

Posted: Oct 20 2019 8:26pm
by markz
No one uses a kettle anymore, especially after 10 months almost to the day!

Its all vapes, weed food and weed infused drinks now.

Nuts must be back at the B&B with matching coveralls. Hope the mattresses are thick and comfy and the pillows are plush.

Re: Dumpster Delinquent

Posted: Nov 26 2019 1:33am
by Dauntless
Why not just open a grocery store and call it 'Food Dumpster?'