Domino throttle

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Domino throttle

Post by CHEEZIE47 » Nov 26 2017 10:56am

Hi guys,
Im having problems with my new set up? Its a C & N 5000w 72v rear hub motor kit from China? I'm using the supplied controller and tft colour display and an upgraded Domino throttle. Problem is when i crank the throttle really hard the throttle symbol on the display lights up orange and cuts the power? If i throttle up gently and smoothly it doesn't seem to be a problem? Quite a bit of delay in throttle as well, i reckon i have about 10mm of play before throttle kicks in? I haven't tried the cheap Chinese throttle that came as part of the kit? Cheers Lads Gary..

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Re: Domino throttle

Post by fechter » Nov 26 2017 1:45pm

I think the Domino throttle is a 5k pot, like a Magura. To use this with a controller that wants a hall throttle, you need to add some resistors to the ground and 5v wires going to the throttle. There are some topics about this somewhere. As I remember, you need about 1.2k ohms in series with both ground and 5v lines. These can be located anywhere along the throttle cable, but usually easiest right before the connector. If you really want to dial it in nicely, use a pair of 2k precision pots so you can get the dead band and full throttle positions just right.
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