Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to EVERYONE at E.S. !!!!!

Talk about anything and everything here within reason.
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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by Jeremy Harris » Dec 25 2012 4:31pm

Merry Christmas to all, and the very best wishes for the coming New Year.

The shear size and multicultural membership of ES, with everyone around the globe that's here sharing a common interest in pollution free, low impact, transport, is heartening in this age where so few seem to care much about their environment. Long may ES continue to grow and spread the word.
Please ask questions on the forum, rather than by PM, as it helps others and you'll get a better range of answers.

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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by Arlo1 » Dec 25 2012 5:03pm

Merry Christmas everyone. Im not so much into the ebike thing because of the enviroment as I like the bad ass speed and cheep fun (cheep once built) but it is great to see so many people from all over the world to be involveld and people meet me at work and on the street and tell me about this awesome forum someone showed them lol then they find out how involved I am and its a great feeling! Long live ES:)
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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by Trackman417 » Dec 25 2012 9:35pm

Merry christmas to you all as well.
I got a dremmel so now I can get a master link onto the bike with great ease and use it for various projects later on. It's one of those items I did not feel like buying even though I needed it, i dont know why :roll:
I have learned a great deal from this forum and continue to learn each day. I feel as though I am addicted to this forum because I just can't stop reading it. Does anyone share the same kind of raw addiction I have?
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Re: A123 20AHr Pouch Cell Battery Build & Info Thread

Post by April » Dec 25 2012 9:42pm

Hi everybody,
Merry Christmas and happy new year!
May you and your families and friends be belessed with all things bright and beautiful at Christmastime and always...

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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by Josh K. » Dec 25 2012 9:52pm

A Very Merry Christmas, and Best wishes for a great new year. Let's look forward to great technological breakthroughs,
New Battery technologies, Fuel Cells, Increased efficiencies in Solar Charging capabilities, and world wide acceptance
of our most efficient machines...Happy New year folks!
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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by torqueon » Dec 25 2012 10:41pm

Merry Christmas to all !

I am the guy with more ?? than answers, even after several years here on E S !! my questions still get answered. Thanks to you all !!

May next year bring success to all !!

Greetings form Colorado


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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by biohazardman » Dec 25 2012 11:02pm

Merry Christmas to you and the rest as well as a happy new year to all. I have to count my blessings now and again and this place and those who live :shock: or visit here are definitely one of them. Other blessings reached this year include the ability to lift 40 LBS and to drive a car. Life is good. Thanks for all of the smiles, knowledge and help.
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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by John in CR » Dec 26 2012 12:08am

Merry Christmas to all my ebike brethren. May your bikes never run out of juice and electrons always flow whenever you call upon them to do so, and above all else keep yourselfs safe out there. This past year brought far too many accidents to our group. A little shiny skin to reinforce a lesson is one thing, but anything requiring a visit to the doctor needs to be considered unacceptable.

Peace and Love to you all,


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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by DAND214 » Dec 26 2012 12:41am

Merry Christmas to you all!

It's been a good year ana a bad year, but the best has been with this forum.



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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by emmetbrown » Dec 26 2012 3:17am

Merry christmas to you all,
and a very happy new year.


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Re: Merry Christmas to you all!

Post by sardini » Dec 28 2012 11:29am

Merry Christmas !
Happy new year!.

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Merry Christmas ES members

Post by nechaus » Dec 23 2013 5:10am

Merry Christmas all, hope you all have a good time with family and friends!

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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Gregory » Dec 23 2013 6:38am

And a Happy Festivus to you too.

For the rest of us let the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength begin.
Happy festivus
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Eskimo » Dec 23 2013 8:38am

Darth lost his battle with Luke today again.
Lenght of the day today 5 hours 49 minutes. Here on the south-end.
Party of light.
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by footloose » Dec 23 2013 2:32pm

Eskimo wrote:Darth lost his battle with Luke today again.
Nicely said!
Love it when the days start getting longer again in northern hemisphere.
(Southern hemisphere members, don't worry, you still have plenty of summer to enjoy this year :wink: )

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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by jkbrigman » Dec 23 2013 3:35pm

Gregory wrote:And a Happy Festivus to you too.
For the rest of us let the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength begin.
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And a High Strength to Weight Ratio to you as well!

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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by bigmoose » Dec 23 2013 9:21pm

Nothing like having my youngest daughter back home for a few days to put me in the Christmas spirit! Stayed up to 3 am with her last night solving the problems of the world at the dining room table. For me, it doesn't get any better than that!

Wishing all the folks here a most happy and blessed Christmas! It's been a good year for the ol' guy, and I hope it was for you too. The older I get the more I relish the simple things, the simple times, and the good cheer of good friends.

All the best,
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Kingfish » Dec 24 2013 1:31am

This year instead of "going home" - my bestest pal & his lovely wife that I've know since college are up in Seattle for the first time ever and we'll be spending the time frolicking in the Emerald City as kids ...again. Coming from the California Central Valley rain desert, I wonder what they will think of Rain City? Personally - I like splashing through the puddles - though snow would be better. There's just something about snow and Christmas in a city that makes the whole experience so exciting 8)

The best Christmas I ever had was the time we had 9 inches of snow drop on Seattle back in the 90s: The whole town shut down and people came out of their houses to play in it like a giant group Think, a Community drawn together as One. Really a great celebratory time.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday! KF
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by arkmundi » Dec 24 2013 12:50pm

Mary Magdeline
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The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Ypedal » Dec 24 2013 12:57pm

Happy holidays everyone !!.... Going to my sister's tonight to stuff my face and drink some wine.. simple and quiet Christmas eve for me... just the way i like it.

Cheers !

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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Drunkskunk » Dec 24 2013 1:17pm

Merry Christmas, Ya'll!
Buy the ticket, take the ride.
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by The fingers » Dec 24 2013 7:16pm

Happy birthday Jesus! :D
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Re: Merry Christmas ES members

Post by Dauntless » Dec 25 2013 12:00am

Any sufficiently advanced technology is INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM MAGIC!
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Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by recumpence » Dec 25 2013 9:16am

Hello All,

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I appreciate everyone on this forum. I wish everyone a wonderful day of rest, visit with family, and practice of their faith on this holiday we celebrate. :)

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Re: Merry Christmas everyone!

Post by torker » Dec 25 2013 9:59am

Merry Christmas as well !! My daughter is already here and my son and grandaughter will be here soon :D Excited..
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