Had any meetings lately?

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Had any meetings lately?

Post by LockH » Jan 21 2018 10:50pm

Correction: Had any GOOD meetings lately?

Hehe... ESB "Search found 2310 matches: meeting"...

Definition for any "meeting" include:
"an assembly of people, especially the members of a society or committee, for discussion or entertainment
... "a coming together of two or more people, by chance or arrangement"...

... to which one might add in desired outcomes to have more "effective" meetings (towards group objectives) ... and to have FEWER meetings. (Hehe...)

... and they write about stuff like "The Water Cooler Effect":
https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/re ... ler-effect

I've heard/read it said before that most organizations and businesses "run on meetings"... where as one gains "senior management" position this involves more and more "meetings". [grin] More and more of YOUR time/every 24 hours spent in meetings.

Definitions of "good" include:
"to be desired or approved of"...
"having the qualities required for a particular role"...
"that which is morally right; righteousness"... [cough cough]
"benefit or advantage to someone or something"... BINGO!

Anyway. I escaped being an "employee" decades ago, but in later years as an "employee" found myself as a "manager" with a "staff of my own"...

... and upon reaching "management" status realized that none of my formal trainings (physics, chemistry, engineering, marketing, accounting... etc) had taught me ANYTHING about "collaborative problem solving". How to "have" meetings... to gain/obtain corporate objectives asap, rather than to waste corporate monies. [hehe] ("Corporate" ie the shareholders. [wink])

So I went out and bought myself a little book on the subject of meetings.

... from folks in California. (Hehe... Oh Oh... )

... and it wasn't anything like "Roberts Rules of Order":

(Roberts basically a little book written by a U.S. Army Major in 1876, and based on his interest in "Parliamentary procedures"):

(... where in any organization you get "winners" and "losers"... with some "small" minority - less than half - as the losers...)

Whereas this little book from Cali folks "How to Make Meetings Work!: The New Interaction Method":

... was "wildly new"... and "different".

Anyway. Just hope to pass along this little book ("gem"/"jewel") for anybuddy involved in any "formal meetings".

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