Hailong case question: Type and source

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Hailong case question: Type and source

Post by dabeindan » Feb 04 2018 12:50pm

Hello everyone: Does anyone know where can I purchase either a spare cradle or an empty case that have the pin connectors? When I first bought the battery I thought it would be easy to find another so I can power up a second bike; but the more I researched the more I am confused.

My pack was from Luna, 52v 16ah, 1 year old. Luna does not sell spare case or cradle. While some others do, they appears to sell the type that has 4 slots vs. my 5 pins.

My also has power buttons on the side, which to the best of my knowledge means this is NOT a Hailong 1 case.

Questions are:

1. Do I have a Hailong 2 or 3 case? Do Hailong 2 even exist?
2. Where can I buy a Hailong # case that have these pins rather than slot connectors?
3. Should I contemplate buying two Hailong 3 cases and transfer my batteries over?
Thanks everyone.
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This thread and the pics posted by tomjasz seem to touch on my connectors, https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewt ... 5#p1340941
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Re: Hailong case question: Type and source

Post by Jon NCal » Feb 04 2018 12:56pm

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