jonescg In the News!

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jonescg In the News!

Post by sico » Feb 06 2018 6:03pm ... es/9398100

Re-using batteries from his bike in the shed. Good idea :)


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Re: jonescg In the News!

Post by amberwolf » Feb 06 2018 10:23pm

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Re: jonescg In the News!

Post by Rube » Feb 07 2018 4:41am

What a legend, AFIK one of the few members to post a thread about how to recycle pouch cells.

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Re: jonescg In the News!

Post by Toorbough ULL-Zeveigh » Feb 18 2018 2:24pm

relieved after anticipating from the headline that it's not for any inappropriate behaviour i.e. knocking up a mistress like sum common deputy prime minister.
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