Replacing a mosfet

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Replacing a mosfet

Post by JamieWlcox » Mar 28 2018 2:31am

When replacing a bad or blown mosfet and doing an upgraded to irf4110 mosfet is it required to replace all 15 or can they be replaced as needed

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Re: Replacing a mosfet

Post by markz » Mar 29 2018 8:11pm

You need to closely match the mosfets.
Something called "miller plateau matching" ... e#p1253926
Even if you find and replace the blown MOSFET there may be other components that were fried as well. For most people it is more practical to replace the controller.

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Re: Replacing a mosfet

Post by Punx0r » Mar 31 2018 7:01am

If replacing like-for-like I don't think you need to match the FETs. It's no doubt good practice but I doubt this is done at the factory when the controller was originally made.

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