Hipster Bike Quiz

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Hipster Bike Quiz

Post by Dauntless » Apr 01 2018 3:01am

Some of these questions didn't even HAVE the correct answer for me to pick. Nothing about beach cruisers, etc. I don't think they score it correctly anyway if they call me '30 Hipster.

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Re: Hipster Bike Quiz

Post by markz » Apr 02 2018 10:28pm

I did the quiz

I found it funny that they used breaks instead of brakes.
Hip-what? You don't even know what the word hipster means and you have a bicycle because your love running up mountains and having long weekends out in the countryside. You bought your bike depending on the gear functions and how quickly you can get around town. You love going on extreme weekends and sweating til your hearts content. Hipster you are most definitely not.

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