Throttle Light & Smart Display on Black Magic

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Throttle Light & Smart Display on Black Magic

Post by adamsavage79 » Apr 06 2018 5:09pm

I was riding the bike Wednesday and everything was fine, but now the throttle lights and the smart display will not turn on. The throttle itself still works though. Not sure what could be going on. I have checked for bent pins, and as expected. I did not have any bent pins, being that it is a brand new kit. It was working when I went to work, left work.

It no longer worked after I went to Sobeys. All I did was press the red button to turn off the display and lights on the throttle. I went into the store, got some stuff and came out. That's when the lights on throttle refused to come on. The Smart Display also will no longer come on.

The throttle still responds to being twisted, but that is it. I have even separated the wires from the single wire coming out from the 4 wire connection block, to see if that was causing any problems.

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