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VelluK   100 mW

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ES stickers

Post by VelluK » Apr 11 2018 4:54am

Is there an Endless Sphere stickers available anywhere? With logo and/or with Endless Sphere -text. If there is I would like to get them so I could pimp my ebike :D

Or if there is not then I should have to start a sticker business. Any one interest to order? :wink:
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spinningmagnets   100 GW

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Re: ES stickers

Post by spinningmagnets » Apr 11 2018 5:21am

A while back in 2010, I ordered 100 from, and a year later 100 more. I was selling them for $2 for 2 (postage included). I have no objection to you selling stickers of any type. Occasionally, someone around here makes up some T-shirts and sells them. You might ask Justin first? ... 55#p346666

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