What if there was no gas/petrol?

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What if there was no gas/petrol?

Post by Sunder » Apr 14 2018 6:43pm

Read this article last night:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... Syria.html

TL:DR unlike most countries, Australia doesn't keep a strategic petrol reserve. It said within 2-3 weeks Australia would be out of petrol...

But I fill up around once per quarter in my car and never in my electric motorcycle, so it'd barely affect me.

However, once petrol runs out, we're talking end of civilisation type scenarios. Not just no driving, but no food to supermarkets, no police on the roads, and nobody driving to work, probably even not by public transport, as its unlikely to run with most public transport staff unable to get to work.

In such a situation, I feel driving an electric car would be suicide, as someone would just carjack you.

What are your thoughts on such a scenario? What would you do? I'd get out of town to our rural holiday home early - just when riots were starting, and try to ride it out.
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Re: What if there was no gas/petrol?

Post by Raisedeyebrows » Apr 14 2018 11:10pm

Friend of mine wrote a Novel "The Whispering Whale", a post apocalyptic tale that explored how quickly humans turn into barbarians after environmental/societal collapse, Mad Max type bandits riding around hijacking anyone with any resources whatsoever. I had a hard time putting the book down once I started in, the tale told seemed pretty accurate as far as what would happen.
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