sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

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sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

Post by edwardrhomberg » Jun 02 2018 11:09am

my first e-bike build: eeb frame, qs 205 v3, sabvoton 72150, 20s10p battery with bms. i have connected orange elock wire to battery voltage, completed connections for phase wires, hall wires, etc to controller. loaded software and successfully connected to controller with computer. i do see a battery voltage in software, i have 5v at throttle and ebrake wires. cannot perform hall test satisfactorily. can someone tell me the sequence of steps to complete hall test. when to turn power off? etc. there is something i am missing. the wheel did spin slowly briefly but failed hall test. does high brake need to be connected for test even if disable? any help greatly appreciated. ed

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Re: sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

Post by Jguest » Jun 06 2018 11:47pm

look at the config screen rotate your wheel by hand, does the status swap between 1 to 6 or do you see a 0 or 7 - i do not know the signifigance of these numbers but on my setup when 0 or 7 appears the controller goes into error with a hall fault. My controller will not pass the hall learning routine either

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Re: sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

Post by Mick48 » Oct 31 2018 9:59pm

There is a video of a gentleman doing a Hall Test with Sabvoton controller and Bluetooth
using his IPhone. MQCON App was used. I have a Sabvoton 72200 and completed the hall test. I tested with 60 volts. It worked with a Hall reading of 6(completed test) with no throttle. Minimum throttle voltage was 1.5 and max 4.4. Hall angle was 242. Motor spun backwards so I set Motor parameter to 1 instead of 0.

Hope this helps

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Re: sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

Post by Volts » Oct 06 2019 1:31am

Did you guys end up passing the motor test? If so explain what you did, I too am having the same problem, I’m getting a hall reading of between 1-6 and have checked the output reading on the halls with a multimeter they seem to behave correctly, switching between 0-5V I’m lost at the moment and don’t know what the problem is, I’m using the phone app to run the tests like the Chinese guy off the you tube video, both computer and laptop are off line at the moment or I would try using them instead

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Re: sabvoton 72150 hall test trouble

Post by GOTL » Nov 03 2019 2:05pm

If you are still having trouble with the hall test . I've just done mine after getting fails all the time . In the amp setting box instead of typing 10 as told in the instructions. Type 25 or 30 and do the test again . Worth a try .

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