World's first 3D printed composite bicycle

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World's first 3D printed composite bicycle

Post by LockH » Jun 08 2018 8:14am

OK... Watt am I missing...
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See the world's first 3D printed composite bicycle at 3D Printing USA
("3D printing of composite parts, specifically fiber reinforced polymers, is a rapidly emerging field. Arevo have created the world's first true 3D-printed carbon fiber bicycle."): ... irect=true

3D printing of composite parts, specifically fiber reinforced polymers, is a rapidly emerging field. There are many emerging players making new filaments or printers and increasing attention from some of the established larger companies. Composites is an industry that is growing year-on-year and has now diversified away from the traditional early adopting sectors, but there are still many challenges that it faces. There are limits in design freedom and versatility, not to mention difficulties in high amounts of scrap from manufacturing and costs incurred from many levels of the supply chain. 3D printing can help facilitate this as well as taking composite parts into new directions. In return, 3D printing of polymers is still a field in its infancy and the use of reinforcements could be one of many key steps that will allow this approach to reach higher material volumes in more structurally demanding roles. Through their technical market research, IDTechEx has covered the markets of both composites and 3D Printing industry extensively. On November 14-15, the 3D Printing USA conference will be holding their first dedicated session on 3D printing of composites with exciting speakers already confirmed. Arevo are one of these speakers and below is the latest press release from Hexcel, highlighting some of Arevo's latest work.

(No word yet re printed motors and batteries...) :lol:
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