Electrical issue with a 2015 Motorino Xpd 60v

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Electrical issue with a 2015 Motorino Xpd 60v

Post by Izzy2004 » Jan 11 2019 7:10am

Good evening yall,

So i took off my DC converter to check if it can run at 72v. After putting everything back together I decided to check if everything is working at 60v. So i turn the bike on and... well I guess some thermal paste must have gotten on the pcb because I hear a BBZZZFFFF and smoke comes out of the DC converter. So i go and put a different one on and this is where it gets interesting... Lights,signals,breaks all seem to work. The voltage on the dash aligns with my DMM reading but my speedo readout is constantly accelerating and caps out at 80km/h. Even the odometer goes up and quickly I may add since I'm apparently ripping down the freeway. Also my throttle does not work and when the bike is off the dash light is always on not displaying numbers with half the brightness. I tried with just hooking up a 12v battery as well with the same results.

I'm sure I wired everything back correctly. I replaced the two fuses coming from the DC converter too. The controller appears to be fine. All the plugs and ports are clean. This bike is practically new. Any ideas on what it could be guys? Here's the pictures and yea I did make my own DC converter using a 12v 2A adapter but 2A isn't enough to brake and have lights it seems. I've also included the wiring diagram if it helps. Thanks for the input in advance.

Keep on riding brothers!

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Re: Electrical issue with a 2015 Motorino Xpd 60v

Post by amberwolf » Jan 11 2019 11:01pm

FWIW, I haven't seen thermal paste short anything out before, even when it's smeared across a PCB from a careless assembler.

What happened with your other thread about the brakes?

Most speedos run off of pulses from a speed sensor, either a separate one on a wheel (which I don't see in the diagram), or a hall sensor in the motor.

If your speedo is giving a reading, and it's a pulse type, then something is providing it pulses. If the speed reading starts out low and gets higher over time, then the pulses are starting slow and getting faster and faster. I don't know of anything that should do that on a scooter with it sitting still, even miswired.

If the speedo is not a pulse counter type, then it probably reads a voltage from a specific output on the controller, that increases as speed increases. If that's the case, then anything it's connected to that ramps up in voltage on the same timescale could be the source of the problem (and might guide you to a potential miswire or short, or damaged component).

If any of the connectors are the same type, you might recheck to be sure the voltages on them are what you expect for that connector according to the wiring diagram, and if they're not, see if maybe they're swapped.

Regarding current draw on the 12v, most of these systems A) run on 13-15V rather than just 12v (despite the label), and B) if the lights are incandescent, they probably need at least 5A to run the headlight, plus whatever the other lights take. You can check your old DC-DC if it has a label for an idea of the capability it needs.

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Re: Electrical issue with a 2015 Motorino Xpd 60v

Post by AussieRider » Jan 13 2019 6:15am

Could be that the dc-dc output is noisy. If you can get hold of an analogue ( ie: one with a needle ) volt metre, connect it across the 12v output. See if it pulses or quivers. If you don't have or can't borrow an analogue Meter, a cheap AM radio held close to the output wires might pick up any noise or pulsing that the Speedo sees as a signal. Amberwolf's suggestion of a DC signal could be right too. A capacitors voltage gradually rises as it charges.
Hope this helps your.
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Re: Electrical issue with a 2015 Motorino Xpd 60v

Post by Izzy2004 » Jan 17 2019 10:53am

Well after testing it with another controller the bike works. Its the classic case of "honey i blew up my controller".
P.S. my other post mysteriously vanished. Just like my previous controller.

Thanks for the input guys.

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