Some help with ebikes

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Some help with ebikes

Post by kiliam » Jun 06 2019 5:51am

Hello all

I just started in this electric bikes world so bear with me please.

Me and a friend bought these two ebikes/escooters for dirt cheap, with no batteries and a spare motor. Some parts and plastics missing.
IMG_5672.JPG (107.39 KiB) Viewed 197 times
IMG_5671.JPG (104.34 KiB) Viewed 197 times
IMG_5670.JPG (123.52 KiB) Viewed 197 times

A pic of one controller
IMG_5674.JPG (120.99 KiB) Viewed 197 times

A pic of one motor, anyone recognise this kind of motor? They dont have any codes to search for. One of them is branded Fushida.
We started by opening the motors and shortening the cable to make shure the wires inside the cable wernt bad.
IMG_5681.JPG (133.9 KiB) Viewed 197 times

The bikes as they are now:
My friend already gave some paint to his. We want to keep them almost naked as they are now.
We think they are both 48v with 4 lead batteries. We want to make some batteries with 18650.
Anyone know these ebikes just looking at them, or anyone with a similar model?
From what we been researching these things dont go very fast, i just wanted maybe 40kmh or 45kmh, and with 20km or more of autonomy from home to work and back in good weather.
IMG_5699.JPG (169.52 KiB) Viewed 197 times
IMG_5700.JPG (139.95 KiB) Viewed 197 times
I been searching a lot about these ebikes but even to search the terms they are referred to are so different.
Ebike, scooter, moped, emoped. OMG

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Some help with ebikes

Post by kiliam » Jun 12 2019 12:02pm


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Re: Some help with ebikes

Post by amberwolf » Jun 13 2019 12:02am

I don't see any answerable questions in there, unfortunately. :(

There's lots of motors out there and they all look pretty much alike. No numbers/etc on them means no ID unless you can find a page from the vehicle manufacturer that says what brand/model the motor is (not very likely). A search on Fushida turns up nothing on a motor manufacturer, so that doesnt' help. Some ebike places come up but they just look like bicycles, not what you have.

There's lots of controllers out there, and again they all look pretty much alike. Most of the time no one has documented anythign about internal PCB numbers/etc on controllers, so except for very very common models, it's rare to find anything searching on those numbers/etc.

There's also lots of generic scooters out there that look pretty much alike; if you had lots and lots of time and patience you might be able to figure out what the more complete one was by matching *all* of the details about it to various google image searches of similar scooters.

What specifically do you need to know? A list of separated questions would be helpful.

What specifically do you need help with? A list of separated items would be helpful.

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Re: Some help with ebikes

Post by John in CR » Jun 13 2019 9:18am

How are the roads you'll be riding on? I ask because the light weight tubing quality is suspect on those generic type bikes, which are built for quite low speed use in China. The tiny drum brakes on the front are very suspect too. You've got plenty of battery space, so look for cheap (just not lead) when it comes to batteries. You need to determine the Kv (the rpm/volt) of the motors, so you can decide on a voltage for the speed you want. They're probably up to the task you want, but that will be load and terrain dependent.

I've built some powerful and reliable transportation starting with nearly identical scooters, but to get there required batteries, new controllers, and frame reinforcement.

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