Two throttles one scooter

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Two throttles one scooter

Post by scootergrisen » Aug 13 2019 10:27am

What happens if i connect two throttles to the scooter?
One of each side of the handlebar.

Will it just work happily?
How will the signal be if one if fully closed and one if fully open?
I guess i would make a switch so only use one at a time but lets say i wanted to do it without a switch.

I can sometimes want to remove the right hand from the handlebar but since this will mean letting go of the throttle it can be annoying.

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Re: Two throttles one scooter

Post by TommyCat » Sep 22 2019 7:16pm

Yes, two hall sensor throttles will work nicely on the same controller with no problems. :D

This is from testing on a Magic Pie V5 internal vector controller and hub motor. With one full (#1)and one thumb (#2) hall sensor throttles. I believe you would get the same results with a mid-drive BLDC motor and controller and your scooter.

Connecting the sensor inputs and outputs in parallel results in the following data points...

Connections... Controller 5vdc output to both throttle's 5vdc input. Controller 0vdc to both throttle's 0vdc or negative connection. And controllers sensor input connection to both throttle's hall sensor output wire.

Regulated Vin=4.3vdc

Sensor Output Voltage to controller= #1 is .84vdc to 3.44vdc, #2 is .84vdc to 3.41vdc. Start amount did not change from just one.

Ending voltage dropped from 3.52vdc with just one.

Total Amperage draw= with 1 throttle is 6.64 to 6.74 mA, with both throttles is 11.38 to 11.54mA. (well within limits)

Motor Start= Stayed the same with one or both at 1.23vdc.

Throttle response was smooth and linear with ether one and almost equal in vdc output, start to WOT. Operating both at the same time seems to have no adverse effects as amp draw and voltage remain constant. As expected the dominant throttle (one with the most voltage output) has control. With nether effecting the operation of the other.

Note: Long term effects at this time are unknown...


For more information on hall sensor throttle operations... see this thread. ... dification

See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub E-Bike build Here!

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