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Interested in EV and the Motorino XMb

Posted: Jun 10 2019 8:57pm
by Laird_Mac
I've been interested in EV's for a long time, when purchasing my last car I swore to myself that my next vehicle would be electric. Some years ago my mobility started to deteriorate and after lots of various tests to pin down the issue, I was diagnosed with the degenerative neural disorder AMN. I sold my car this year because I didn't feel safe driving a large amount of metal around with foot controls anymore.
Looking at alternatives to allow me to get out a bit more I stumbled upon Motorino and fell in love with the aesthetic of the XMb. The motorcycle look is much more appealing to me for an EV than a bicycle frame or a walk through scooter and the XMb is the only reasonably priced one I could find. Are there any other similar EV that fall within "Electric Assist Bicycle" within Alberta? My budget is ~3k CAD and daily travel would be <10km, although in the future I would like to use it for longer distances.
If the XMb is the right choice for me, I'm also interested in upgrading the battery and wonder if I should purchase it through Motorino or look into having one built?