Looking for help with motor controller pinout!

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Looking for help with motor controller pinout!

Post by eVroomer » Jun 21 2019 6:35pm

Hey guys, have been around for a while, but have been reading only, so this is my first time posting here! I have been riding electric for 4 years now - various electric kick scooters - but have now also acquired one of them fat tire Harley scooters, 2000W, 60v 20Ah battery, and all the bells and whistles to make it EU road legal! There has been a need for some work on it... but that will be put together in its own thread later on! The thing that bugs me the most is the speedometer - it is a rather simplistic little unit, which only shows current speed, and when you stop switches over to trip mileage, which gets reset every time I turn it off, and it doesn't keep ODO, or show battery voltage other than a bar at the top of the screen! This last one doesn't bother me too much, but I am finding the lack of ODO absolutely annoying, because now I have to record every ride with my phone's GPS, and then write down the distance to add to the record I am keeping of the total. I would like to change that screen thingy with something which shows the information I need, but for the time being would like to keep the existing 2000W controller... so am looking to figure out the pinout of the wires going to the screen, which is also combined with the twist throttle, so I can find a suitable replacement with the necessary wiring!

Here is a photo of the scooter in question. Tires have been replaced as the stock ones were egg shaped, and the rear brake disk is missing in this photo, because it was also egg shaped and I had to have it rounded properly!
Here is the controller and the wiring coming from the screen / twist throttle combo on the handlebar... any insight into the pinout on these would be greatly appreciated... or if you could point me to a user manual... make, model... something! I did a lot of searching but couldn't find much info!
And last... but not least... the turn signal sound module... well... sounds like a cat being squashed in a trash compactor... hence why I avoid using it... because it is embarrassing. Any ideas what I can replace this one with?
Thanks in advance for any help guys, would really appreciate it! :)

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