Kuberg Start help needed

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Kuberg Start help needed

Post by bikesandcars » Jul 30 2019 8:27am


I have a 16' Kuberg Start. 24V upgraded with LIPO batteries.

It stopped working after a muddy ride / washing and I've troubleshooted it back to the controller. The controller output to the motor shows -2.7 volts with 0 throttle and 22 volts full throttle, but the motor won't turn (no amps?) . The motor turns fine directly wired. I think it's the controller.

I called kuberg, they want over $200 for the controller but wont guarantee it and suggested I think about $300 for a new wiring kit because with my "old" bike they don't have replacement parts they can guarantee.

Having a 3 year old bike that isn't supported along with the high asking price for what should be a $60 controller has pissed me off.

I'm searching for a 24V controller replacement but I'd really like one with some kind of speed control, even if it's just a 3 position switch.

Any help / suggestions?

I'm thinking of getting a more affordable 24V 1000W controller and using a potentiometer in line with the throttle to limit power.

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