Can a gocharger charge batteries without internet connection?

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Can a gocharger charge batteries without internet connection?

Post by scootergrisen » Jul 31 2019 12:12pm

So i was looking at videos about the gogoro smartscooter where you have 2 batteries under the seat you can swap in a gostation where other batteries are being charged.

As far as i know they sold the scooters before you could buy a charger for it.

But now you can buy a gocharger to charge two batteries on your own away from the scooter.
There is also gocharger mobile to connect to the scooter to charge the batteries inside the scooter.

So far so good.

But the gocharger have a RJ45 connector and WiFi for internet.
I cant read it directly but it seems to me that you might not be able/allowed to charge the batteries for you gogoro smarterscooter in a gocharger without being connected to the internet.

Does the people that own a gogoro smartscooter not own the batteries?
Are they only allowed to rent the batteries?

It sounds like that batteries will not be charged in a gocharger if you have not paid something... like rent for the batteries.
Also sounds like it will not charge two batteries that are not for the same scooter.

It sounds scary to me like very anti privacy if the company can see where your scooter is, can see you when you swap batteries and can see when you charge your batteries and basically where you are, where you live, when you are home, when you are not home.

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