Problem with throttle input signal

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CanadianKid   1 mW

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Problem with throttle input signal

Post by CanadianKid » Sep 10 2019 3:01pm

Came across a problem recently and cant seem to fix it. ordered 2 of these chinese controller and both have 5volt signal and 5volt input on the throttle plug. Motor runs fin in self learning but any attempt to connect a trottle is not working any help? Is there some kind of controller that works diferently thant the 1-4volt

Bas   10 W

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Re: Problem with throttle input signal

Post by Bas » Sep 17 2019 1:49pm

Hi.. I think the red wire you are trying to connect, is not the throttle input wire.. Black is ground, red is 5v voltage supply. The other one, most of the time it is green, is the input signal wire. That one is never 5.05v, not very likely. You are mistaking the wires, like I did many many times in the past, therefore you are at risque of making things smoke and nasty plastic smell.
Do you understand? :lol: :?

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