What is the easiest old-style moped to convert?

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What is the easiest old-style moped to convert?

Post by NewbieUser » Dec 01 2019 9:09am

This past week, I was hoping to get an old EVG 24v, but the seller sold it before I was able to get it.

So, I'm back to square 1, looking for a cheap old-style moped for a conversion. I've seen multiple folks comment on their build requiring custom forks, so I figured I'd be safer to ask in advance - what mopeds (1970's-80's style jama, puch, etc.) are the /easiest/ to convert? I'm thinking a hub motor (saves space, less complicated?).

The older style moped is my focus because:
* Larger and wider tires than an trail bike
* General design will make it easier to haul my chainsaw and other small tools around the property
* Some also have the easier step-through design, less likely to throw my back out

After conversion, I won't need the foot pedals, and I won't be on public streets, just our property

I'd rather spend some time up front and get a conversion-friendly moped (hub motor), rather than getting any moped and later finding out that conversion is beyond my capabilities.

Or, if there are not a few specific "easy" models, what should I be looking out for (or to avoid), e.g. certain types of forks, etc?

Thank you!!

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Re: What is the easiest old-style moped to convert?

Post by larsb » Dec 01 2019 3:43pm

What kind of riding? Enduro racing or offroad strolling? I’d assume all old mopeds would need a lot of attention on brakes and suspension since 30-40 years take it’s toll on stuff.

I’d buy a derbi senda or rieju from year >2000 to be on the more modern side of things. That’s european choices, don’t know what is available in US? It’d be a nice ride mated with a QS 205 hub motor kit if you’re just into riding, not racing.
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Re: What is the easiest old-style moped to convert?

Post by Dauntless » Dec 01 2019 6:13pm

The TYPE of moped bound to be easiest has a complete frame independent of the engine. You see them with the engine providing structure as either the swingarm or as a stressed member in the frame, which means either you build a replacement to the presence or you let it be in the way adding weight.

If you could find one with the pedals and crank not built into the engine that will mean you get to keep the pedals without building a solution. Can't name any bikes like that.
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