High voltage controller

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Sattva Ram   1 µW

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High voltage controller

Post by Sattva Ram » Jan 04 2020 3:55pm

I am planning on building a semi race bike from scratch custom frame and all, but the highest voltage bldc controller I can find is 144v which I find too low. I dont want any compromise once I put so much effort into this project to even build my own frame. I'd want a 288v controller or thereabouts. Does anyone know of such?

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Re: High voltage controller

Post by amberwolf » Jan 04 2020 4:22pm

there's a number of them, but when you get to that kind of controller it's going to be expensive not only for the controller itself, but also the programming and setup hardware and software, and likely paying someone to actually do that setup, which will be specific to the exact motor you are using, as well as the complete setup and usage of the system. given that you're custom building an entire bike, cost is hopefully not an issue.

this brand for instance
http://www.sevcon.com/products/high-vol ... ntrollers/
is notoriously difficult to setup, as it is intended for oems to figure out one prototype setup, then just copy that to all the subsequent production units. as a diyer you won't likely be able to get any help from sevcon in doing the setup, though they may well sell you the contyroller and programming hardware and software.

there's also some of the diy controllers here on es and elsewhere, some based on the lebowski controller brain. i don't recall all the designers, but there's marcos, arlo1, etc. you can search their posts for their threads about the designs.

you're unlikely to find "plug and play" controllers like you would in low voltage stuff, where you can just hookup phase and hall wires in the right combination and turn throttle and go. :(

there are other brands out there i've never heard of like these
https://www.mgm-compro.com/news/hv-igbt ... ntrollers/
if you look thru this simple google search list
https://www.google.com/search?&q=high+v ... controller

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Re: High voltage controller

Post by larsb » Jan 04 2020 4:25pm

These have been up on the forum, i think rovi had one for sale a while ago, might still be left.
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Re: High voltage controller

Post by j bjork » Jan 05 2020 8:45am

You can also look at what jonescg is using and considered using on his racebike/racebikes.

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Re: High voltage controller

Post by John in CR » Jan 05 2020 11:02am

What motor are you planning to run at that kind of voltage?

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Re: High voltage controller

Post by fechter » Jan 05 2020 1:31pm

I’ve seen a control box that will let you use the inverter from a Nissan Leaf by itself.
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Re: High voltage controller

Post by Ohbse » Jan 05 2020 5:21pm

What weight/power is this bike designed to? If it's a lightweight 'bicycle' type build, then voltage >100v is unneccessary and undesirable, as more than enough performance is possible with ~80v than is possible to keep on the ground. If you're referring to a full size motorcycle build, then additional voltage can make sense - the one option that hasn't yet been mentioned is Axiom - search on this forum or hackaday to find relevant information. Axiom is capable of whatever drive voltage you require.

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