Trail riding and water concerns?

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Trail riding and water concerns?

Post by gbeals » May 18 2020 8:37pm

I watched video of a 2020 Electric Motion Trials Motorcycle get almost fully submerged in water; kept going. This bike has a water cooled motor - is that why it had no issues? I'm guessing the controller didn't get wet?

I've been watching some pretty crazy YouTube videos of Electric Enduro or MX riders going through water, mud the works. The motor seems to be fine fully under water...? How can that be? I'm assuming the battery box is waterproof and the controller very high up on the frame?

Are my concerns going too far? I plan to build and ride a Trials Motorcycle in the Jungle and want to ensure I have the best build possible. Planning on a QS Motor 138 70h. I've looked at Golden Motor (Only due to Electric Motion Using them), but the videos and actual usage of that motor seems low.

Thanks in advance for any help; I've been learning a lot using the search button. :)

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Re: Trail riding and water concerns?

Post by Xtr6 » May 20 2020 6:43am

Most problem with EM is the bearings. The older type's had a lot of problems because the poor quality of chinese bearings.
Use SKF and the problem is less with water.

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