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High Voltage ESC options?

Posted: Oct 13 2020 7:44pm
by Stiffler359

I'm looking to build an electric BMW airhead, and the hub motor that I want to use likes higher voltages (144-156). The manufacturer recommends Kelly controllers, but I was hoping to find a VESC alternative, or at least something that is programmable and user friendly. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Re: High Voltage ESC options?

Posted: Oct 14 2020 5:35pm
by itsrow
Hey Eric, I'm about to do a Kawasaki Ninja 400 conversion so I'm in the same shoes as you regarding the speed controller, Im not entirely sure about links on this forum but this link from esk8 forum better explains Rion (The scooter company) is currently developing a 36-150v 550/250 Phase amp 200/100 Battery amp VESC based controller. Theyre pretty hush hush up at Rion unfortunately so I can only guess at the release date but its my best hope and probably yours now too unless youre willing to attempt a BESC or GESC but both designs were too large for me personally.

Re: High Voltage ESC options?

Posted: Oct 17 2020 1:34pm
by Stiffler359
Thanks! That looks like a pretty sweet option!