VX-2 speed adjust setting/code

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VX-2 speed adjust setting/code

Post by dutchlincoln » Jan 28 2014 3:54pm


There seem to bee settings that can alter the max. speed setting of the Vectrix VX-2.
Is there anyone that can tell me how to adjust this top speed?
Word goes around that the lithium VX-2 has a top speed of 10KM/h higher than lead, 80KM/h

i'd really like to know how to alter these settings. Anyone?


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Re: VX-2 speed adjust setting/code

Post by ookba » Jul 02 2014 2:10am

Did you ever figure out how to do this?

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Re: VX-2 speed adjust setting/code

Post by heathyoung » Jul 03 2014 9:37pm

There is probably a good reason why the lithium one goes faster - weighs less, and more importantly, the voltage under load will be higher.
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