Hub drive vs Chain drive

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Re: Hub drive vs Chain drive

Post by Chalo » May 20 2017 3:58am

Nasty. Maybe put it in a unicycle to save weight? And end the suffering.
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Re: Hub drive vs Chain drive

Post by John in CR » May 20 2017 7:35am

2 grand for a hubmotor. QS isn't after the Chinese market anymore. I was the first one to use one of their motors back in 2011 and 12, a 50mm wide 273, and I paid $300 plus shipping. The guy bought a different winding of the same motor for his scooter not knowing any better and thinking he'd get more torque. Kv a bit over 18 in a 20" OD wheel fed with 425A from the 20s battery was a beast on my 130lb bike, but the big iron losses from such a high pole count made it run hottest cruising at WOT on the highway. Then I discovered the high efficiency 6 phase hubbies and the QS motor has been collecting dust ever since. If the Chinese would just come out with cheap 200V controllers I'd be in heaven.

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