Hotroding Triad 750

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Hotroding Triad 750

Post by briogio » Oct 28 2017 1:28am

Hi all,
I built a sweet electric bike from the advice I got on this forum about 7 years ago. Since then I've been diagnosed with MS so it's strictly 3 wheels for me now. I have an extra Triad 750 in my workshop which has a 16" 750 watt 48 volt stock system. and 65lbs weight. I'm going to turn it into a drifting trike and I want to make it as fast as possible. I will upgrade the wires going into the motor through the axle, and everywhere else. What would be the best modifications to make to
this 65lb scooter? Running 72 volts?
Thanks for your advise I really appreciate it.

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