Introducing Alex6715

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Introducing Alex6715

Post by Alex6715 » Dec 03 2017 6:31pm

Hello everyone, :roll: :roll: 8)

I am an real dutchman and since some months owner of 2 EVT 168 scootesr. They will have to revive . One is going and one needs repair and paint. I will like to dismantle these two boys from 2008 and 2011 and want them tomake good again and colourfull. I will post photographs when the work is done Maybe it is more handy to see before and after the rebuilding. Though I am a dutchman I can read English and write. When I do not know what is ment by a word I look at google.
Now I am retired after having worked as a crimefighter with youngsters until 18 years old. I did my work with a lot of pleasure and hopefully there became some safety in Holland. Who wil know !!??
Please write if you have further questions of my EVT or my background.
Some times I will ask on his forum for more explicit information. I got no answer so far from the Taiwanese EVT factory.

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Re: Introducing Alex6715

Post by amberwolf » Dec 04 2017 4:44am

You can also search the forum for EVT for other posts about them.

Posting before, during, and after pics would be useful to anyone else that wants to follow what you do. :)

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