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Splitting up the batteries

Posted: Feb 10 2018 9:24am
by pengyou
I just bought an ugly, used electric scooter. I bought a brand new one in December that was stolen a few days ago. I am hoping the ugliness of the scooter will serve as a deterrent for future thieves. I have attached a photo of a similar scooter, though my scooter does not have a rack on the rear (I am working on that).

The battery on this bike fits into a compartment under the seat area. While doing a preliminary inspection of the scooter, I noticed that the area under my feet is virtually empty, with the exception of a part of the frame (a tube) that runs from front to back. This area is enclosed, even though the only things in it are wires that run from front to back. The boxes on each side of the tube (frame) are about 2.2" high, 14" long and 5" wide. If I make my own boxes for this space I can probably increase the height and width by about 1/4". I was thinking of getting two custom battery boxes made - one for each side of the frame under my feet. There are shops not far from my home that do HVAC - lots of sheet metal, the idea would be very simple to implement. My first concern is from any kind of damage from the road, especially with LiFe batteries. There are a number of scooters here that come with batteries built into the floor, so the idea is not new. I could have the bottom of the box made from 1/16" thick metal, if that would help. My overall objective - I would like to claim as much of the original battery space (under the seat) as I can for secure storage, while at the same time looking at a 72v 30 amp battery. There is also space on the steering tube that forms a "glove compartment" - (2) 3"x2"x8". Any thoughts or insight would be appreciated