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Xiaomi M365 and battery modification so it can be taken on flights

Posted: May 09 2018 6:37am
by ferez21
Hi all,

I'll start with a quote from another thread (sorry cannot remember the person's name): "Iv'e found the Achilles' heel of traveling with an E-scooter. Flights.".

As we all know, most airlines limit carrying of spare lithium batteries to 100WH of power. But Iv'e also noticed that most of them allow up to 20 pieces of 100WH, which actually turns up to be quite a lot. Typical commercial E-scooter has a single battery pack of about 250WH, like the Xiaomi M365 which consists or 30 units of 18650 (2300mAh) batteries.
So I was thinking, would it be practical to separate the battery pack of the Xiaomi into 3 packs that can be connected to each other to form a single pack?
That way, it will be possible to carry the 3 battery packs as carry on luggage without any problems.

Any thought\tips?

EDIT: Hope I didn't get it wrong, but do the airlines mean you are allowed 20 pieces with a *total* power of 100WH? Or is it 100WH per piece as I initially stated?
Original-battery-for-Xiaomi-Mijia-M365-Electric-Scooter.jpg (55.8 KiB) Viewed 2312 times

Re: Xiaomi M365 and battery modification so it can be taken on flights

Posted: May 15 2018 1:27am
by wmertens
So far I haven't found anything about 100Wh, only that anything with batteries larger than a laptop is not allowed.

Even given that they would allow the batteries, it would have to go as checked luggage, no? And it probably won't easily fit in most luggages…

A friend of mine traveled a few times with a penny board, much smaller and lighter than a scooter, and it got confiscated at security.

Airports would be so much more fun on a scooter :(