Dead Zero X battery questions 2011

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Dead Zero X battery questions 2011

Post by thoroughbred » Jun 25 2018 10:03pm

Dirt only basic model was stored unplugged so battery was drained and has been sitting for some years. I think I have a plan to replace the cylindrical Molicel batteries 14s 12p with some large prismatics 14s 1p to at least get the bike running.

I think that this is a fairly unsophisticated model that won't be able to tell the difference between 12p vs 1p. (perhaps the "battery remaining" monitor won't be accurate?)

I assume the original molicels are junk and time spent trying to revive or test them would be time wasted

Any reason the oem charger wouldn't work with the prismatics? I'm assuming the BMS manages the very basic charger that comes with the bike

Not much knowledge and lots of assumptions prompt me to ask advice :)

Here's the vivisection of one of these packs by Ted Dillard: ... k-molicel/

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Re: Dead Zero X battery questions 2011

Post by TilmanBaumann » Jul 04 2018 12:14pm

If the replacement cells have the same voltage the BMS won't notice a thing.

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