Robstep X1 Electric Bike

General Discussion about large electric scooters and motorcycles and other things with no pedals.
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Mithion   10 W

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Robstep X1 Electric Bike

Post by Mithion » Jul 08 2018 11:35am ... c-bike-uk/

Would you consider this an electric motorcycle since it has no pedals?

Voltron   10 MW

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Re: Robstep X1 Electric Bike

Post by Voltron » Jul 08 2018 12:27pm

Depending on location, it prob is a scooter... Too slow to qualify as a motorcycle most places. And you could just sit on it and push yourself with your legs and prob go faster than the motor... A 4ah battery doesn't go very far or fast, unless it's 100v or something.

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