Kelly KLS8080-IPS Controller help

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Kelly KLS8080-IPS Controller help

Post by SPanna23 » Jul 18 2018 2:34am

Hi All,
I have the above controller connected to a ME1115 motor which uses a SinCos sensor on my motorcycle.
I can get the drive to do angle identification & have set the correct values for amplitude & zero crossing.
The motor runs when the rear wheel is off the round but under any kind of load it trips on Hall Error.

Anyone had similar experiences?

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Re: Kelly KLS8080-IPS Controller help

Post by Ingo » Nov 30 2018 4:14pm

yes i have the same problems at the moment.
i think the problem is the sensor or the amplitude

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Re: Kelly KLS8080-IPS Controller help

Post by Atrastin » Feb 11 2019 12:29pm

Did you find a way to make the KLS work with ME1115? Any clue what the problem was? I'm also curious if someone has this combo and it works. I'm considering KLS14401-8080IPS with ME1115 on my motorcycle build.

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