contrroller problems

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contrroller problems

Post by cal218az » Oct 05 2018 4:39pm

ok about the scooter I think its a 300watt motor could be 350watt I'll post pictures, anyways I bought one of them testers and everything was good but the controller so I got one off amazon that looked as close to mine as I could find watts and volts wise, the controller was rated at 350 watts 36/48 volts , my scooter I think is the 300 watt and I know for sure its 48 volts, so a few questions is how does the controller know the volts and switch 36/48 ? , so I hooked up the controller, I had to cut some connections off the old one and solder them on, and then I did the green wire learn thing , and the motor has no power sounds smooth but no power, but I didn't hook up the white brake wire or the pink one I don't know what it is for ? but I don't think it has anything to do with the power of the motor? Oh, the old controller had nothing written on it ok, I'll post some pictures any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.
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