Battery Pack Tools App launch promo

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Battery Pack Tools App launch promo

Post by EEVAM_Technologies » Aug 01 2019 5:06am

Hello to everyone, we are a startup with our main activity focused on engineering solutions for electric vehicles.
Recently, we have developed an App with the aim of simplifying the design of battery packs for DIY projects. It allows you to perform the usual electrical calculations of voltage, capacity, power ... It also offers a guided design process with advice depending on the final application of the pack (electric car, motorcycle, ebike…) and even allows you to impose restrictions on the design.

Below you can find the link to the application:

Image ... tterytools

Although it is a payment application, as a launch promotion we are offering it for free by social payment (a Tweet or Like on Facebook) through our website:

In any case, if someone does not have an account on social networks, you can also write to us through the forum or through the contact form on the website to request the application (Although it may take longer to send the App)

If anyone has any questions about the application do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer!
We are Engineering. We are Electric Vehicles. We are Advanced Mobility.

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Re: Battery Pack Tools App launch promo

Post by Berglundsimon » Nov 07 2020 6:06pm

Don't seem to work, still on google store?

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