Motorcycle Conversion Kit Survey (4 Qs)

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Motorcycle Conversion Kit Survey (4 Qs)

Post by darseygodwin » Dec 04 2019 3:27pm

Hey folks!
I've developed a complete motorcycle conversion kit, fully isolating the pack and housing all needed components in enclosures with simple mounts and simple connections. My first prototype is built and street legal to prove the technology works, but now I want to reach out and find out how much interest there would be in such a kit and what motorcycle models would be most desired to have a kit for.

BTW this first proto was made with a gen4 size 6 controller, Parker GVM motor and a little over 7.5 kWh pack, stuffed into a 1980 KZ750H. That pack's going to grow significantly with better cells (and likely upgrading the controller too), but it's a start for now.

Thanks everyone!


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