Headway Battery USA supplier

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Headway Battery USA supplier

Post by Headway Battery USA » Feb 04 2020 9:55am

your answer is https: //www. headwaybatteryusa.com

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Re: Headway Battery USA supplier

Post by john61ct » Feb 04 2020 2:42pm

Headway Battery USA wrote:your answer is https: //www. headwaybatteryusa.com
Hi and welcome,

as in, **absolutely fantastic** that Headway finally has an authorized official US-based distributor!

The fact that we can handle warranty returns domestically, and that you can sell through eBay / PayPal for extra strength credibility is wonderful.

Since your prospective buyers here are very technically knowledgeable and demanding, if you can build a decent reputation in this community, I am sure you will see your overall North American sales volume expand geometrically over time.

My understanding is, the Grade A output for any given size / form factor is the one at the highest capacity rating.

I am not interested in the lower grades only the top Ah capacity for each form factor.

Quantities at say a hundred at a time as I build out various sized packs, if it appears these are competitive with Winston, CALB, GBS and Sinopoly, and maybe A123 (now LithiumWerks) in the smaller sizes.

The following information may be available in your pre-written literature and spec sheets, so anyone following this thread can contribute answers.

Can you link to your written warranty policy?

Is the rated capacity covered by your warranty? So if a cell is rated as 40Ah, but if testing by the customer on arrival at your specified C-rate and temperature reveals the actual capacity is lower, is that grounds for a return?

The other major factor is internal resistance (ESIR, DCIR), which determines the actual discharge C-rate the cell can support.

Not saying everybody needs a **high** rate necessarily, but the **consistency** of that factor, as well as Ah capacity is very important for those building packs intended for mission-critical use cases over many years.

Obviously most good chargers include an IR measurement capability, but results vary depending on temperature, SoC level and Ah capacity, so best to agree on a standard instrument, ideally with an engineering quality meter so the results are accurate and most importantly repeatable.

There are IMO two choices, the Wayne Giles designed unit,

https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthr ... ?t=2809470

now built by rampman

and sold commercially at
https://www.progressiverc.com/lipo-esr- ... rk-ii.html

and HobbyKing I believe.

And second, there's another version from FMA/Revolectrix here
http://www.usastore.revolectrix.com/Pro ... IR_METER_2

which may be just as if not more consistent and accurate.

Maybe as trusted members of the community buy and publish test results of sample sets of your cells, we can establish a baseline set of parameters for cell-matching consistency, not just within one sale batch, but over time.

Such consistency is really IMO the hallmark of a quality maker / brand, and a reliable supply chain.

I am very hopeful you and your staff can rise to the challenge and become trusted as such a source.

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Re: Headway Battery USA supplier

Post by john61ct » Mar 18 2020 9:21pm

one post then crickets

not a good sign

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Re: Headway Battery USA supplier

Post by amberwolf » Mar 18 2020 10:02pm

like almost every headway seller that's ever come here, they're just spamming to get seo status for their name to come up in searches.

there have been quite a few (over time almost all of them were completely removed as pure spammers, so you wont' even find their spam here anymore...i personally think this one should go away too; just nuking this thread entirely....).

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