Battery Business Merge Idea...

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Battery Business Merge Idea...

Post by rg12 » Apr 29 2020 11:28am

I own a custom battery pack building business in Israel mostly focused on high powered high end systems ... %99%D7%94/
and would like to sell to the global market but it isn't possible to ship and also isn't affordable as long as I'm located in Israel.

Am thinking of a creative solution of maybe merging into an existing enduro type ebike store anywhere in europe and have the batteries manufactured there.

The merging idea simplifies the opening of a place of my own in a foreign country and also to simplify management as I wouldn't be able to be there all the time and need some kind of supervision/management of an employee or two at first or maybe even work there myself part time until I train an employee.

The end result should be a place of my own (don't need to be big at all, a small room even is enough at the moment) and have two employees as a start and go from there.

It's not a solid thought yet and am open to suggestions.

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