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Wholesale/distributors in the US?

Posted: May 08 2020 3:11pm
by veloman
I'm trying to find distributors (not retail sales) for small ev related parts. I've spent a lot of time searching online and I really can't find much other than retail, and of course buying directly from the manufacturer (which doesn't help my current situation). When I search wholesale distributors I find pallets of assorted store returns and retailers.

Any advice on how to find where online retailers source their parts from, if not directly from the manufacturer? I'm more so looking at small electric scooters like Razor brand than ebikes.

Thanks for any tips.

Re: Wholesale/distributors in the US?

Posted: May 09 2020 1:11am
by amberwolf
Have you asked any of the retailers themselves?

Or asked the manufacturers who their distributors are?

That's the only "easy" ways I know of to find out.