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NyXBikes is back

Posted: Jun 02 2020 12:24pm
by NYXBikes
Hello everyone "E-Bike fans",
With this press release, I would like to provide some details concerning the company NyXBikes. You may have noticed a slowdown or even a lack of movement within the company in the past 2 years. Thus, no concrete innovations or displays were published on our web page as well as in the various social media. Sincere apologies to those of you who have not received a response to their comments or emails during this period.
In 2017, following the departure of my partner, Cédrick Lévesque Baker, I accepted a management position in a Quebec company that represented an interesting opportunity for development and advancement. So, I had to abandon all of my activities in NyXBikes to better meet this challenge and remain conscientious and professional in my work. However, the past two years have proven to be very interesting and beneficial for our NyX products. Indeed, this period allowed us to become aware of small technical problems of our users and to make the appropriate corrections. This allows for product improvement.
Having studied in the past, in plastics, the molding of the "perfect setting", refined and functional, represents for me a passion. This is what sets Nyxbike apart from its competitors; the quality of the frames. Please be advised that I will have a few "upgraded" frameworks completed within the next month. I will also be able to have "stock" some E-Bikes completely assembled with the best components in order to offer you a luxury product with the best quality possible.
Regarding the Propulsion Package (Battery, engine and controller) we remain convinced that EIG cells at the battery level and that QS Motor products for the wheel motor are range choices. As for the controllers, we are seriously considering the use of ASI products which are Canadian products. So we are convinced that using such a type of device in our machines adds a sure value to the product while offering you a clear improvement in terms of warranty and after-sales service. This trio of quality parts brings, in our opinion, the reliability and autonomy which makes Nyxbikes its particularity. We offer you an E-Bike perfectly suited to modern life and above all to meet the expectations of bikers looking for quality as much as for performance enthusiasts. Our goal is obviously to offer you a good dose of adrenaline.
Note that we are currently developing a new suspension as well as a brand new molding technique multiplying the mechanical characteristics of the frame.

Hope to meet you!

Éloi Fugère, president

Re: NyXBikes is back

Posted: Jun 02 2020 1:29pm
by NYXBikes
Frame 2020 and Bike assembled in stock, delivery one week contact us at and see on our FB page the new ones in the coming days.