Sheet metal, laser cut

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Sheet metal, laser cut

Post by EindhovenCUSTOMS » Jul 06 2020 2:27pm

I had a look at this sub forum and i was not able to find what i am struggling to find.
I have some sheet metal parts designed but I can only find places to order them as a business.
I found a service called OSH CUT that is in the USA but in europe i am not able to find any supplier for laser cut, sheet metal designs.
The only quotation I was able to get was from 3D hubs and it costs over 150 euro for 2 components. Both about 200x200mm, one is 2mm thick stainless steel the other is 8mm thick aluminum 5000 series. I think this price is not acceptable for such small components.
Any alternative that is able to ship to Netherlands is helping.

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Re: Sheet metal, laser cut

Post by SlowCo » Jul 06 2020 3:08pm

Eindhoven the tech capitol of the Netherlands should have plenty companies that can laser cut metal!
Find a few close to you and call them. Explain your problem of ordering as a private person and ask if they will help you if you pay up front. Best is to actually visit a company near you and talk to them personally.
To get a ball park quote for the going rate use and upload the parts you need to have cut. Only upload the closed line drawing of the part itself.

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