Any EU suppliers that can supply 6000mAh 32650?

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Any EU suppliers that can supply 6000mAh 32650?

Post by No_Shorty » Oct 16 2020 5:50am

I have just seen BH's $4 32650 6000mAh cells, it's just about the best deal I have seen on new lifepo4 cells from a known reputable supplier.

The price and weight bring it within sniffing distance of my Li-Ion build. It's still heavier, but only by about 15-20%, and as I was over-provisioning my Li-Ion build to attain higher cycle life it's actually cheaper as I need less cells.

I have already started to build my Li-Ion pack, but I may now build one of these along side to see if the weight difference is still worth it for me.

This isn't e-bike related btw, they are portable battery banks.

Anyway, I'm UK based so I was wondering if anyone knows of similar cells from a European supplier?

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