Common high current connectors - and my opinion on them

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Re: Common high current connectors - and my opinion on them

Post by Matt Gruber » May 01 2014 7:57am

is anyone else making their own? instead of that bulky and expensive plastic housing, i'm trying double heat shrink over male/female generic connectors. i have substituted a fuse for one connector in each string. this way the string comes apart easy and is fused. For charging i use one male spade, and one female on opposite sides of the bike so they can't ever touch, even in a crash. can't hook it backwards and it is double heat shrinked. costs close to nothing to make.

has anyone checked the voltage drop at rated amps? i'd expect old fashioned twisted copper with a wire nut to be superior. i'm using this old school method where ever i don't need a fast disconnect, but don't want to solder. There should not be ANY voltage drop because the twisted wire doubles the copper at the twist.
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Re: Common high current connectors - and my opinion on them

Post by simpes » May 23 2015 10:00am

There are hobbyking XT90 anti-spark connectors. They use a 5.6 ohm pre-charge resistor. There is another thread discussing about it here: ... 35&t=63210

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