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Chinese Shipping Record - Dun Electric

Post by BlueSeas » Jan 04 2021 10:33am

I just ordered a Bluetooth Dongle for a Sabvoton 72150 controller from China. It came FedEx IP. Cost $22 plus $22 shipping. Took 7 days to arrive, that's a new personal record for an order on eBay or AliExpress. I don't know how the seller gets that kind of rate on an international shipment. But he did, at least once.

I don't have any relationship with the seller, in fact we didn't even chat after I placed the order, so I have no idea about what level of support is available. And this was 1 order 1 time, so all the your mileage may vary rules apply. That said, they list quite an assortment of parts including motors and controllers not easily sourced in the US.

Good luck. If anyone else orders something, post some feedback on this thread?

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