One Good marketing Plan is all we need

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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by chas58 » Mar 11 2015 9:09am

Ah, batteries are a no brainer. Anyone who can charge a cell phone can charge an off the shelf 18650 bottle battery. I know all the technical details, but I treat my bike battery like my cell phone. Just plug it in, charge until the light is green, and go ride. We are not talking LiPo here.

The beauty of Storm is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). That is what is making him successful (initially at least).

An ES bike would have to be cheap, innovative, and well marketed. Lacking that, it isn’t going anywhere.
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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by 999zip999 » Mar 11 2015 1:21pm

Teslanv the ebike market is going to be flooded soon everyone is jumping in with new ideas. One to two years and they will flood the market. Yes big names, big players.
So keep with what you doing for now.
Marketing plan, it's a moving target. Maybe just small nich. Profit ? Take a ride up north and ask the wizard.

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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by teslanv » Mar 11 2015 1:55pm

999zip999 wrote:Take a ride up north and ask the wizard.
Trip to Vancouver, BC scheduled for March 21. I will be dropping off a few different windings of the MXUS 45mm 3000W Motors to Justin for Dyno testing.

It will be my first pilgrimage. :D
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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by 4REEE » Mar 20 2015 2:50am

2old wrote:... Trek has a pilot program rumored to start in June with a Shimano Steps system...
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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by onemorejoltwarden » Mar 20 2015 1:47pm

Great post on from Feb
Myth building and the dark arts of marketing.
This is a fun site with some good discussions

They have been discussing the challenges of online sales and the need for support, both social, amateur and bike shop.
I hope this adds to the discussion.
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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by arkmundi » Mar 20 2015 2:08pm

Trek is in the process of re-imagining itself. There have been a lot of acquisitions and mergers. Whole new lineup of bikes, including electric. They are very likely to succeed. Watch for them. FYI, my MAC build was on a Trek Shift 3, bought last year. They did not have or even attempt to sell me an electric bike. The Trek retail shop network is the best in the world, and best positioned to provide eBike servicing, which will be more necessary than your standard pedal variety.

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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by LockH » Feb 20 2017 12:37pm

Fun thread. :mrgreen:

My vote? To offer an add on kit. (For the millions of bikes already out there...)

And this kit as a motorized sidecar. So a seat for passengers, and luggage and cargo like groceries (and motor and battery)... but also to turn the bike into a trike as "more stable". Like this:

According to one theory we're all getting older. :mrgreen: So could also offer a backrest for bikes...
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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by swbluto » Feb 20 2017 5:48pm

Drunkskunk wrote:If you have a brilliant marketing campaign, you don't need talent, quality, or value in your product at all. You only need to stir up the public's passions until they believe they need your product.
This is true. It's how I'm number one in my field. (Granted,I do have talent/skills, it's what keeps the complaints/return rate low and the profits high. It's what keeps the reviews positive, which definitely drives future sales. Watch sales drop off a cliff after getting a scathing review.)

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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by nomorefours » Mar 21 2017 12:00am

teslanv wrote:Actually the 50+ crowd is probably the largest demographic of ebikes, but my gut tells me they generally prefer PAS/pedelec systems, and sticking to bike trails and less busy roads. They will be the easiest demographic to sway. They also have the financial means to buy what they want for the most part.

The commuting crowd is definitely the harder nut to crack, especially those commuters nestled safely in their steel cages. - However, if electric bikes could be viewed similarly to motorcycles, I think we could gain a respectable following. Being able to keep up with traffic and also to creatively and legally avoid it, when the opportunity presents itself is key.

Urban sprawl is another factor to consider. While many commuters would never consider riding a standard bicycle 20 miles each way to work, with an electric bicycle, this feat becomes much more manageable. - In some instances, the commute may be shorter on an ebike than in a car. - For this group, cost is crucial.

The Primary demographic I am trying to hit is the performance market - Dirt Bike riders, Thrill seekers. People who really enjoy the feel of acceleration, power and speed. - This Demographic seems pretty small at the moment, and heavily concentrated on Endless-Sphere. I hope to grow this demographic substantially, as they are our most vocal supporters.

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Re: One Good marketing Plan is all we need

Post by Sr.Agaporni » Mar 21 2017 2:53am

So, this idea was never founded... What a shame, it would be awesome to do a crowdknowledge ebike founded with crowdfounding.

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