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Post by _HeartGold » Oct 04 2016 4:08pm

Hi everyone,

I just came across the website but the webs site seem a bit sketchy. I wanted to find out if anyone else has bought from this site be for dumping 1k+ USD for a motor and controller. i see that it is headquartered in china. and the prices are good. i was planning on getting the 10KW motor and the HPC500 controller.

any insight or experience with this web site? long-time guest, first time posting. sorry if this is the wrong section to post in. thanks everyone :D

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Re: Goldenmotor?

Post by dafex » Oct 04 2016 6:18pm

Maybe its easier to buy at local Dealer If you add Customs duties and shipping fees the price is not any more good.

I have the 5 KW Motor with a Max-E Controller. The original HPC 300 burned due to unsufficient cooling. But it was a good combination.

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Re: Goldenmotor?

Post by amberwolf » Oct 05 2016 12:51am

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