Battery repair services - from around the world!

A place to list links to sources for EV related parts and services.
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Battery repair services - from around the world!

Post by » Oct 17 2016 9:51am

Im making a short youtube video of some of the ebike battery repair services that i found. So far i found one in sweden, 4 in denmark, and some in holland, belgium, germany and france. However i have yet to found ANYONE repairing ebike batteries in UK, USA or Australia. Please let me know of any services that exist that i have missed!

The list so far:







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Re: Battery repair services - from around the world!

Post by jpgey » Oct 17 2016 2:08pm

For France, you have to forget and (that you missed), they have bad reputation.
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Re: Battery repair services - from around the world!

Post by Joachim » Oct 17 2016 8:55pm

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Re: Battery repair services - from around the world!

Post by dogman dan » Oct 18 2016 6:03am

I don't know who in the USA will fix a bike, board, or EV battery.

But for simpler stuff, like cordless tool batteries, Batteries Plus does a nice job of putting fresh cells in NiCad tool packs. Not sure if they do li.

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25 electric bike battery repair services in Europe

Post by LockH » Oct 19 2016 8:01am

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